About us

RebekkaRebekka / Rebekka Nielsen & Camilla Nielsen



Who is RebekkaRebekka jewelry?

RebekkaRebekka is a danish jewelry brand who's goal is to be your best friend. We are here to be a part of your world. To fill up your visual desire for fashion and expressions in a scandinavian way. We believe in "keep it simple"

We have great succes world wide through 7 years especially in DK, Asia and USA. For us Scandinavian design is a strong player on the fashion platform therefore we want to interact and inspire through our jewelry.

For us designing is like breathing. It´s the editing that´s difficult. I draw, yet inspiration from reality. The feelings and moods is our main source of inspiration.

Both the process and the product are important. In a way, the process forms the product´s soul. Our DNA is strong - each collection tells its own story though they are coherent.

Every jewelry tells a story.